Oct 5 2009

In the middle


You’re lucky if you have siblings because some people don’t. I personally think that it’s better being in the middle because you have someone looking up to you and someone to look up to. I am in the middle and I feel very thankful for it. I have Natalie and Katherine to thank, so thanks you guys. I love my family! I LOVE YOU MARTIN FAMILY!

Jul 19 2009

The new site is live!


Well, there are still some rough edges but I figured the biggest motivator to smoothing them out would be to switch the-martins.org to mean the new site.  The site is running on new hardware (hosted at linode.com), new software, etc.  Mail me if you have any troubles, questions, or comments!

May 30 2009

Working on the new site


As you can see, I have been working on the new the-martins.org.  The old site was running PostNuke which is pretty old and crusty and not too easy to deal with in some ways.  By switching to wordpress I’m hoping it will be easier for me (and anyone else who is interested) to post more frequent updates to the site.